Welcome to the new Avondale Type Co. website. We thought we would take a few minutes to fill you in on some of the new functionality that  you can find on this site.

Type Tester

We’ve added our second most requested feature, the ability to test out our fonts on our site. This give you the ability to try the faces.

View the new Avondale Type Co. Typeface Tester


In addition to the typeface tester, we’ve also added user accounts. Now you have the ability to login and find previously purchased faces, view your billing and shipping info and more.

Create your very own Avondale Type Co. account.

ATC Artist Series

One of Avondale Type Co.’s most exciting side hustles since the start has been our ATC Artist Series, where we ask our favorite artists and illustrators from around the world to create their initials, one symbol and the ATC logo as they see it.

ATC Artist Series I saw amazing artists such as Julien Poisson, Jetpacks & Rollerskates, Sishir Bommakanti, Joseph Alessio, Ana Benaroya, Blasto Uno, Lou Medel, Josh Lafayette, Ryan Troy Ford, Samantha Dion Baker & more.

We’ve already started ATC Artist Series II. Keep up with that on Avondale Type Co’s Instagram.

Custom Typeface Design

One of the other things you may not know about Avondale Type Co. is that we create custom typefaces for companies and organizations. We also have the ability to sell our faces to enterprises at a discounted rate.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!