About the Avondale Type Co. Artist Series

In 2014, Avondale Type Co. announced the launch of the ATC Artist Series (#atcartistseries on social) where some of the best (and some of our favorite) artists from around the world to create something amazing.

The premise is simple, an artist takes their initials, one symbol and the ATC logo and interprets it, using one ATC typeface, in any way they see fit. Outside of these guidelines, the interpretation is entirely up to the artist.

ATC Artist Series I, was launched in Fall 2014 with an amazing group of artists from around the world.

ATC Artist Series I Artists include:

Ana Benaroya, Blake Stevenson, Blasto Uno, Casey Ligon, Ed Dufill, Eric Uchalik, Grace Hamann, John GriffithJoseph Allesio, Josh Lafayette, Julien PoissonLou Medel, Magdalena Szymaniec, Marla Campbell, Matt Chapman, Pablo Tradacete, Rachael Elwell, Ryan Troy Ford, Sam Rolfes, Samantha Dion Baker, Sishir Bommakanti, Trish Garcia

ATC Artist Series II Artists include:

Annelise Capossela, Caitlin B. Alexander, and many more to be named shortly.