Avondale Type Co. had the pleasure of creating a unique custom cut of ATC’s highly popular ATC Arquette to create ATC Showpad, for Showpad, a Netherlands-based marketing and sales technology company.

“This was an important modification to an already excellent typeface to align more closely with corporate brand.” said Jason Schwartz, Operating Director.

ATC Showpad ATC Arquette

ATC Showpad Custom Typeface & Custom Licensing

More importantly than the aesthetic change in various characters, the unique licensing created for Showpad allowed for global usage in an unlimited number of mediums, critical as the company continues to grow at an aggressive pace.

About Showpad:

Our mission is to empower sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy. We deliver on this mission by providing training and coaching solutions that transform sellers into trusted advisors and by making it easy for sales and marketing teams to deliver the right content and the right experience to buyers. That way, buyers can buy smarter — and faster.

Custom Typeface Creation and Licensing