We are excited to share a sneak peek at our new didone serif, ATC Anais.

About ATC Anais

ATC Anais, designed by Christian Dexter in 2019, is an unbracketed ruled serif, that features large ball terminals pushing the boundaries of balance. Designed with elegance in mind, we wanted to draft a professional display face that also conveyed a playful undertone.

ATC Bramford

The typeface is based off of simple geometric rules, such as complementary and supplementary angles, circles, and squares. Square characters sit flush against the baseline while rounded characters extend past guidelines, providing just the right amount of overshoot to appear optically consistent.

All ball terminals, with few exceptions, feature a teardrop transition, seamlessly blending the heaviness of the terminal with the rest of the glyph.  The typeface includes 350+ characters, supporting languages across Eastern, Central, and Western Europe. In addition to supporting language characters, ATC Anais also contains multiple ligatures and alternate swash characters.

The large size and roundness of the terminals is emphasized by the heavy downstrokes, elliptical bowls, and curved shoulders.  Additionally, the arc degree of the terminals are reflected in the counters of characters like the ‘o’ and ‘b’. To balance the roundness of the typeface, ruled serifs and sharp 90 degree angles were implemented to provide rhythm.

Unique characters like the ‘K’ and ‘R’ push this contrast to the extreme, breaking convention by protruding from the character abruptly.

ATC Anais is perfect for large titling, headers, and displays that convey a sense of exuberance, culture, and flair.

Launching Soon

ATC Anais is set to launch this June. View all current Avondale Type Co. fonts here. Looking to beta test this font or future ATC Fonts? Apply to our Beta Tester program. To apply, follow this link.

Update: You can now purchase ATC Anais here.