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Licensing & Usage


Why do I need a license to use fonts?

Fonts are software that you install on your computer.

You’ve probably purchased more fonts that you think. When you purchase a computer, you are paying for a license for the fonts that come preinstalled. You purchased these licenses with your computer.

Everyone using ATC fonts must hold a license, with the exception of a Commercial printer, who must destroy working files after printing.

Can I @fonf-face Avondale Type Co. fonts?

Yes, we aim to make all of our typefaces web safe. We provide both .otf and .woff (Web Open Font Format) file for you to use with @font-face.

Using our typefaces through @font-face on the web are Fonts are able to be embedded onto sites that receive under a specified amount hits/year under our standard Commercial/Personal licenses. You will be able to determine your traffic at checkout.

If you receive more traffic than we currently allow for, you will need a custom License from ATC, please contact us for pricing.

Can I use the fonts I purchase at Avondale Type Co. for client work with a Commercial License?

Absolutely, yes!

I need to pass off a project using your fonts to an outside contractor. Can I send them the fonts?

We consider typefaces as software. In the same way you cannot legally share Microsoft Office, you cannot share typefaces. Same goes for multiple designers at an agency. Everyone working on the project must purchase their own license to use Avondale Type Co. fonts.

You can purchase multiple seats for all typefaces at checkout.

What license do I use for the app I’m making?

We have standard terms for app typeface licensing. We need to gather basic information from you about your app. Contact us so we can learn more and get you a quote.

You guys make cool fonts. Are you available for hire to make a custom font for my company or project?

Yes, we’d be happy to. Please email us for additional information.

Updated 8/26/2016